NAFI Professional Development Program

The NAFI Professional Development Program

Flight instructors are on the front line of pilot development serving as the purveyor of knowledge and service to students. To be proficient, CFIs need a unique set of skills. The NAFI Professional Development Program (PDP) provides access for instructors to the education they need to enhance their instructional proficiency in multiple required skill sets - for initial certification, periodic review and continuing education. 


Professional CFI Defined

A professional flight instructor is a positive aviation role model and mentor; demonstrates an expert understanding of flight instruction; communicates through proven instructional methods; and conducts business in the highest of moral standards and safety.


Mission: The NAFI PDP is designed to develop and mentor a flight instructor's mastery of core concepts in aviation education and leadership. 

Vision: The NAFI PDP seeks to provide the tools necessary for CFIs to excel as teachers and client service experts, improving the standards of professionalism in flight instruction.


Goals and Objectives: Engagement and completion of the PDP signifies a continuing commitment of the CFI's personal advancement, and to providing clients expert service in an ever-changing business environment 


The PDP is a 40-hour program representing courses in five distinct categories:

  • Instruction
  • Business/Communication
  • Leadership development
  • Human psychology/human factors/risk management
  • Elective Category (used for advancement of candidate in other aspects of aviation i.e., career change, resume and portfolio development, networking skills)


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The NAFI Professional Development Program needs presenters to produce courses in this members' only program.

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