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The NAFI Education Foundation is bringing aviation to the masses by building a completely portable and contanerized flight simulator classroom.  With this technology and our network of instructors through the National Association of Flight Instructors we will be able to educate high school and college students across the country. 


The mobile training facility will be completely self powered with an onboard generator.  It will feature a speaking podeum, projector, 12 Basic Aviation Training Devices and 1 full motion simulator.  This unit will be completely wired for simulated air traffic control integration from the instructors station.


The NAFI Education Foundation has been utilized its resources in the past to support other organizations, including supporting the National Intercollegiate Flight Associations yearly SAFECON convention, through the development of educational writing, presentation of seminars, and through the development of the Ralph Nelson Memorial Scholarship program.

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Please call us at: 866-806-6156 or fill out our contact form.


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The NAFI Learn To Fly Tour is looking for companies do donate time and material to our cause.

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